Best Car Airbeds

Best Car Airbeds

There is an incomparable feeling that accompanies sleeping with an air bed and sleeping without one. Seeing that there are a lot of situations that may arise and would warrant anyone to take a nap or inevitably sleep in his/her car, it is important to have a car air mattress as a useful alternative. This is to ensure you don’t eventually wake up to excruciating neck or back pain from sleeping in a manner that’s not comfortable. Car airbeds are convenient, reliable, and will enable you to get the rest you desire in a way that is highly recommended. This further sheds some light on our selection of the best car air beds for use. They have been carefully selected to bring to the table all the necessary features that accompany comfort and convenience.

A car airbed quickly converts your vehicle into free lodging. It doesn’t matter if you have a small car and need to curl up in the confines of the back seat or a large SUV with enough room to spread out, a car airbed can help. The best airbed is comfortable enough to provide a good night’s sleep. Some also include desirable extras like pillows, repair kit, and travel bag.

If you’d like to learn all about car airbeds, as well as get some tips on how to sleep safely in your vehicle, keep reading. If you stopped by this page to make a quick purchase from a respected source, consider the options that we’ve spotlighted elsewhere on this page.

Key Considerations of Car Airbeds

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a car airbed is the type: a back-seat or full-size car airbed.

  • Back-seat airbed: Like it sounds, this airbed is designed to turn the back seat of your vehicle into a bed. It has a section that fits over the floor between the back seat and the front seat, making the mattress wider than the seat.
  • Full-size airbed: This type fills the entire back of a truck, station wagon, or SUV with the seats folded down. Depending on the airbed model, this is comparable to sleeping on a regular bed.

5 Best Car Airbeds of 2021:

1. HAITRAL Portable Car Airbeds

HAITRAL Portable Car Airbeds

When picking a suitable air mattress, an important feature that is usually on the mind of a buyer is choosing a product that will last long. Its durability is an advantage that will ensure a wrong choice isn’t made, and coherently, that the cost spent on the purchase isn’t in vain. Hence, this pushes manufacturers to put in their absolute best to produce a car air mattress with the best span possible.

This is exactly what the HAITRAL Car Inflatable Air Mattress provides for all intending buyers. This backseat air mattress has a lot of amazing functionalities accompanying it, but on the topic of durability, it supersedes expectations. This is accurately done with the gentle and soft PVC/Oxford material used in production.

What embraced this air mattress as our best choice today was mainly because of its features of comfort, with an incredible span. For the mattress seekers looking for an alternative bed advantage while on the go, the HAITRAL Car Inflatable Air Mattress is a more than a suitable option.

  • Extremely lightweight when deflated
  • Wide enough to fit most cars
  • Easy to maintain
  • May deflate after hours
  • Will not fit all cars

2. Wey & Fly Air Mattress

Wey & Fly Air Mattress

It’s wide enough for two people at 53in wide and long enough for the average adult at just over 6ft in length. That’s really good for a car bed. Most backseat beds are much shorter, so if you need to stretch out, an SUV mattress is what you need.

You will need a bigger vehicle though, that’s what they are designed for. It doesn’t have to be an SUV, it can be a van or crossover, but there aren’t many cars that have more than 5ft of cargo length.

The Wey & Fly Mattress is really well built. It’s got a decent plastic shell that can withstand being pierced by sharp rocks, and it’s easy to clean on top of being durable. Beige was a weird color choice, though; it shows stains fairly easily, which can be unsightly.

Comfort is the biggest benefit of this mattress. It’s chambered so that you can use it in different configurations, but it lacks the seams that other versatile SUV beds have. The only thing you might really want are extra cushions to take up footwell cavities. They are simple enough to purchase as an extra. You can grab them here.

  • Segmented for versatility
  • Easy to take out of the car and use for camping, in-laws, or whatever
  • The seamless mattress is very comfortable
  • Even though the air pump is fast, it can take a while to inflate because of the chambers
  • White color stains easily

3. Berocia SUV Air Mattress

Berocia SUV Air Mattress

Why settle for car airbeds that seem to lose pressure too soon. With this unit, you are assured of long-lasting inflation. It’s simple and easy to operate. All you do is connecting the air pump to the not, the car cigarette lighter plug/socket Turn it on, and you should be done in a couple of minutes. We like how fast it operates and how well it will maintain shape and density. It has a good dimension of 70.86 x50.4 x4.7 inches to fit most cars. The tough base puts up with abrasion, bouncing, bangs and more.

The smooth finish feels comfortable and safe for the user. The versatile piece fits nicely in most cars. You don’t need to fold or force It in an awkward position. Just like adding air, deflating it is also easy. Simply pull a plug, and you will be set. When deflated, it shrinks to a small and more portable size.

  • Comes with a pretty decent pump
  • It is suitable for the young and old
  • The inflatable is versatile and ideal for many areas of use
  • It is made from high quality and tough materials
  • Could use a headboard
  • Air valve can be temperamental

4. PAVONI Car Inflatable Air Camping Mattress Pad

PAVONI Car Inflatable Air Camping Mattress Pad

We are going to kick things off with the Pavoni Air Camping Mattress. This is a premium product, and while the expensive price tag might scare some people away, there is a good reason why this air bed costs a bit more. The air bed features a premium design that is made from the best materials for sleeping mattresses, and this makes the air bed extra-soft and comfortable. You will undoubtedly feel cozy when sleeping on this air bed, especially since the premium quality of the materials is cold-resistant.

If you don’t like to travel alone and a family member or friend is always accompanying you, then you should be pleased to find out that the air bed sold by Pavoni is highly versatile. The large dimensions of the air bed give more than enough room for two adults to use it at the same time. To make things even better, this air bed is great for beach trips because the 4-independent compartment design allows you to use it as a pool floater.

Air beds are perfect for cars because they can be deflated so that they don’t take up too much space in the trunk or the backseat. This is why the folks at Pavoni are bundling the car air bed with an electric pump that can inflate or deflate the air bed in only a couple of minutes.

  • Cold-Resistant materials
  • It fits two adults
  • Works as a pool floater
  • The price is high

5. KingCamp Backseat Inflatable Car

KingCamp Backseat Inflatable Car

If you are looking for a car air bed that will fit everywhere, then you don’t need to search further than the KingCamp Backseat Air Bed. The reason why we are saying that is because the size of this air bed is 55.5 L x 35.4 W x 17.7 H inches when it is fully inflated. The size of the air bed has been specially designed to be compatible with 99% of all types of cars, starting with big SUVs and ending with regular vehicles.

One of the most significant downsides of using an air bed is that you can sometimes get skin burns if you rub your feet too much on it. Fortunately, the folks at KingCamp have thought about this problem, and this is why they have coated the air bed with a skin-friendly surface that is waterproof. The waterproof material is anti-slip which means that the air bed will not slide away from your car, and also that you can take the air bed to the pool.

The air bed weighs in at only 5.6 pounds, and it ships with two comfortable pillows that can also be inflated in less than one minute. The pillows may not seem like such a great accessory at first, but we assure you that they are a lifesaver. Your neck will never feel more comfortable than when sleeping on the KingCamp Backseat Air Bed.

  • You get two extra pillows
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Weighs only 5.6 pounds
  • It doesn’t ship with an electric air pump

Benefits of Car AirBeds

If you love going out on the road trips, choosing the right air bed for your car be really helpful. Let’s take a look at its benefits:

  • Comfort: A good-quality air bed works on taking the weight off all the pressure points so that you can sleep peacefully and after you get up, you feel refreshed. These mattresses are very comfortable and allow your body to take rest for a while.
  • Portable: The mattresses are very portable. They come in a very small and convenient package. Only after inflation, they become huge. After using it, you can simply deflate it and put it back in the bag. It can be carried anywhere you wish to as it does not require much space and is lightweight.
  • Versatile: The air beds help in adding versatility to your vehicle. You can easily accommodate an extra person or create a comfortable position for your kids to sleep or play.
  • Affordable: The air beds provide you all the comfort in the world while you are traveling yet they are not pricey at all. They come at a very affordable price range.

Car Airbeds Prices

  • Inexpensive: You can purchase an inexpensive car airbed for less than $30. While these models might not be very durable or comfortable, they are an option if you only need one for limited use.
  • Mid-range: Most back-seat car airbeds cost $35 to $60. These typically come with a 12-volt air pump and other items such as a travel bag, pillows, and more.
  • Expensive: Above $60, you can find larger car airbeds designed for camping. These models fit in the back of a truck or SUV and accommodate multiple sleepers.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is a durable product from HAITRAL. The HAITRAL Car Inflatable Bed comes with a neat durable setup, ensured to give you a long lasting comfortable experience. It fully incorporates all the necessary features a car air mattress needs and ensures it delivers to you a resounding convenient rest. The design curves are a feature put in place to ensure your posture is in the right condition.

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